About Wanneroo SC

Vision & Values

Wanneroo Secondary College recognises that you, as parents, are the most powerful educative influence in the life of your child. The home and school are complementary forces in the child’s education and therefore parental involvement and interest at all levels is encouraged and appreciated.

Our website provides important information about the operation of the College and outlines the policies and regulations that we as students, teacher and parents will adhere to.

Our Vision Statement is “Star in Your Future… Dream, Believe, Learn, Succeed!”

Dream, Believe, Learn, Succeed

At Wanneroo Secondary College, we…

Dream of:

  • Success achieved by all.
  • A motivated and enthusiastic school community.
  • A safe and happy environment.

Believe in:

  • Yourself.
  • A school which encourages all to reach their potential.
  • Empowering students to make informed decisions.
  • Inspiring individuals to be active members of the global community.

Learn when:

  • The learning environment is safe, stimulating and happy.
  • Instruction is meaningful, clear and challenging.
  • There is mutual respect and cooperation between all individuals.

Succeed through:

  • Encouragement and guided support.
  • Diverse educational opportunities.
  • Resilience, persistence and striving for continued improvement.
  • Giving it a fair go.

STARS for Students

Self Discipline 

  • Attend school all day, everyday
  • Get to all classes on time and ready to work
  • Follow all staff instructions, classroom and college rules
  • Take responsibility for my actions within the college and community


  • Uphold the college’s Vision and Values
  • Use Technology and social media responsibly
  • Cooperate with others to make decisions in the best interests of all
  • Behave with honesty and integrity at all times


  • Think about where I am and always respond appropriately – Right time, right place, right response
  • Believe in myself and have a positive approach to everything that I do
  • Continue working hard even if there are changes or disruptions in the day


  • Respect myself and treat all with dignity, equality and fairness
  • Value a teacher’s right to teach and my classmates’ right to learn
  • Respect my work and property and the work and property of others
  • Accept the right of others to be different and to have different views


  • Set high standards and challenging targets and work hard to achieve them
  • Be proud of my achievements as well as those of others
  • Track my progress in my subjects and take responsibility for my learning
  • Use all resources and opportunities to help me achieve my targets

STARS for Teachers

Self Discipline 

  • Be punctual at all times
  • Role model expected behaviours
  • Fulfil the accountability requirements of the position
  • Consistently incorporate Low Key Strategies into classrooms


  • Support and maintain all facets of the college’s Vision and Values
  • Behave with honesty and integrity at all times
  • Provide structured and safe learning environments for all
  • Maintain confidentiality with sensitive information
  • Use Technology and social media responsibly


  • Implement and embrace new policies and initiatives
  • Change teaching styles and programs to suit individuals and specified cohorts
  • Believe in Students
  • Utilise and incorporate new ICT


  • Respect myself and treat all with dignity, equality and fairness
  • Acknowledge the individual needs and talents of others
  • Accept the right of others to be different and hold different views
  • Treat all students fairly, logically and consistently


  • Set high standards and challenging targets for the students
  • Support and encourage innovation and excellence
  • Provide others with realistic goals and the support necessary to achieve them
  • Reward and praise others in a meaningful and appropriate way

Give Your Child The Opportunity To Succeed

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