Mobile Phones & Electronic Devices

Mobile phones and Electronic Devices are an integral part of 21st Century life, however it is important that we use them in a manner that supports students’ academic, social and emotional wellbeing.  In addition, the unregulated use of devices by students diminishes the quality of teaching in the classroom.
Mobile phones must be switched off(1) and, together with associated ear buds and earphones, placed in school bags during class time from the time they arrive at school to the conclusion of the school day, unless under the instruction of a teacher or staff member. Mobile phones should be ‘off and away all day’. This includes before school and at break times. All smart watches must be on ‘aeroplane mode’ so phone calls and messages cannot be sent or received during the school day.

This requirement is Department of Education policy and applies to all government schools and we would very much appreciate parent support in implementing the policy.

(1)Switching to silent is not sufficient as text messages and alerts are known to cause anxiety and are as disruptive as a phone call.



Off & Away All Day


In line with the Department of Education Student Mobile Phones in Public Schools Policy v1.2 and in order to demonstrate “Self Discipline”, student technology (phones/headphones) are not to be seen or heard between the first and last bells of the day. If a student is caught using technology without permission, it will be confiscated.


Offence 1: Device can be collected from Student Services at the end of the day.

Offence 2: Device needs to be collected by a parent or responsible adult at the end of the school day.


If a student refuses to hand in their mobile device, they will be referred to the Head of Learning Area (in-class) or Head of Year (out of class) who will confiscate the mobile device and give the student an additional consequence for failing to adhere to the instruction of a teacher.

Any student who refuses to hand their mobile device to a Head of Learning Area or Head of Year will be suspended and a loss of Good Standing will apply. Any student who breaches the Mobile Phone and Electronic Device policy more than twice in a school term will be suspended and will lose their Good Standing.

The Phone Steps reset every term.

The school’s Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) resources exist to provide access to curriculum related information. By using these resources students are agreeing to use computers, the network, the Internet and peripherals in a responsible and appropriate manner.

Infringement will mean cancellation of network privileges for a period and additional disciplinary action may also be taken.


Students who bring mobile phones, or any electronic equipment, to school must accept full responsibility for the safety of the item. The Department of Education’s insurance policy does not provide cover for the private property of students.

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