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While in Year 10, all students will have the opportunity to attend an interview with a member of staff. This interview is a career counseling session to help students choose courses for senior school to help them find a pathway towards further education or employment.

Parents are encouraged to attend with their child as the amount of information can be overwhelming to students.

You and your child could look at job opportunities, job descriptions, salaries, and qualifications needed, etc in preparation for finding direction during their schooling years.

The following websites could be helpful in getting an idea of areas of interest for your student.

TISC is an online service regarding all things tertiary.

It is a wealth of information about Western Australian universities and how to get there.

Entry into the public universities in Western Australia is a matching process of the people who want to go to university and the number of places that are available. To assist in this process, Year 12 students are ranked and places offered on the basis of this ranking.


What’s an ATAR?
An ATAR ranges between 99.95 and zero, and reports your rank position relative to all other students. It takes into account the number of students who sit the WACE examinations in any year and also the number of people of Year 12 school leaving age in the total population. In 2008 the TEA (Tertiary Entrance Aggregate) replaced the TES (Tertiary Entrance Score).

Your TEA will be calculated and then converted to an ATAR, which tells you where you’re ranked relative to other students. This will be the same position as a ranking based on your TEA, but the TEA isn’t able to convey this information directly to you. If you have an ATAR of 70.00, for example, it indicates that you’ve achieved as well as or better than 70% of the Year 12 school leaver age population.


Who gets an ATAR?
Anyone who satisfies the requirements for a Tertiary Entrance Aggregate (TEA).


How do I find out my ATAR?
All current year WACE students with at least one scaled score in a WACE course are able to access their Year 12 examination results and ATAR on this website from late December. You can print or save the online copy of your Universities Admission Advice Letter (UAAL) which contains this information. You can order your official UAAL on TISC stationery on payment of a fee. This fee increases from 1 March of the following year.


Current year WACE students can access results online up to 1 March of the following year.


You can obtain your ATAR and scaled scores from a past year by completing and submitting the Application for Record of Results with the appropriate fee to TISC.


Health links

Centrecare: A service for young people and thier families. Counselling for everyday problems, family re connection, day and evenings. Joondalup 08 9300 7300


General Practitioner Services:  General practitioners (GPs) are the foundation of primary care. It is the first point of health care delivered to people outside of hospitals. GPs are medical experts, trained to deal with all types of problems including mental illness.


State-Wide Youth-Friendly Gps:  (GPs who have undertaken specific Youth Friendly GP training by the AMA)


Private Psychiatric Services: Young people and their families are able to be referred by their GP to private psychiatrists and clinical psychologists through Access to Allied Psychological Services (ATAPS).


School Psychologists: There are more than 300 school psychologists working in Western Australia’s public and non-government school system. Parents and students are able to engage with these services directly through their school.


If you or someone you know needs help with a drug or alcohol related problem, please contact one of these centres for professional support.

Australian Drug Foundation:
Local Drug Action Teams helping communities work together to prevent and reduce alcohol and other drug harms. By working together, we can increase protective factors in our communities. Ph. 1300 85 85 84


Alcohol and Drug Support Line Ph. (08) 9442 5000 or Meth Helpline Ph. 1800 874 878


Parent and Family Drug Support Line Ph. (08) 9442 5050


The Green

A directory of alcohol & other drugs services and mental health services in WA


A leading provider of drug and alcohol counselling and support services in WA


Aboriginal Alcohol and Drug Service:




Alcohol And Drug Information Service (ADIS) WA Ph. (08) 9442 5000


Parent Drug Information Service Ph. (08) 9442 5050


Alcohol Rehab:


Lifeline WA:
Provides a telephone counselling service. Ph. (08) 13 11 14


Crisis Care:

Crisis Care is a telephone information and counselling service for people in crisis needing urgent help. Telephone Crisis Care when:

  • You need someone to help sort out a serious problem
  • You are concerned about the wellbeing of a child
  • You are escaping domestic violence and need help
  • Arguments are causing unhappiness and problems in your family
  • You are alone or afraid and urgently need to talk to someone
  • You are homeless
  • You need counselling, information or other supportPh.
  • (08) 9223 1111 or free call 1800 199 008


Kids Help Line:
Is a confidential, telephone and online counselling service specifically for young people aged between 5 and 25 years. Ph. 1800 55 1800


Suicide Call Back Service:
Provides crisis counselling to people at risk of suicide, carers for someone who is suicidal and those bereaved by suicide, across Australia. Ph. 1300 659 467


The Samaritans Crisis Line (Youth):
Provides a crisis telephone service which offers anonymous, non-judgemental, non-religious emotional support, from appropriately trained individuals. Ph. (08) 9388 2500


Is a professional telephone and online support, information and referral service, helping men to deal with relationship problems in a practical and effective way. Ph. 1300 78 99 78


Provides online and telephone support and counselling to young people aged 12 to 25 years. Ph. 1800 650 890


Sexual Assault Resource Centre:
SARC provides counselling to people who have been sexually assaulted or sexually abused. You can choose to see a female or male counsellor. The counsellor will focus on your feelings and your reactions and together with you will explore strategies to help you to heal and feel in control of your life. Ph. 1800 199 888 is a web-based service that provides young people, their families and carers, with the information, tools, skills and connections they need to make positive decisions about their mental health and wellbeing.


Provides online and telephone support and counselling to young people aged 12 to 25.


Suicide Call Back Service:
In addition to their crisis support telephone service, the Suicide Call Back Service website offers a number of online resources for those affected by suicide.


Provides information and resources relating to mental health problems such as depression and anxiety.


It’s All Right:
Itsallright is a website where you can read the diaries of four teenagers, based on real stories, as they deal with the challenge of living with mental illness in their family. It also has useful Factsheets and Podcasts and provides an online information and referral service on mental illness including schizophrenia, depression and anxiety disorders.


Provides a free self-help program to teach cognitive behaviour therapy skills to people vulnerable to depression and anxiety.


E-couch is a self-help interactive program with modules for depression, generalised anxiety and worry, social anxiety, relationship breakdown, and loss & grief.


Black Dog Institute (youth):
BITE BACK is a new and evolving website which aims to improve the wellbeing and mental fitness of young people, based on the principles of positive psychology – the science of optimal functioning.


Is a professional telephone and online support, information and referral service, helping men to deal with relationship problems in a practical and effective way. It operates 24 hours, 7 days a week.


The purpose of is to empower people experiencing depression to make informed choices and find solutions to the challenges of living with depression.


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