Student Life

Cultural and Overseas Tours

Melbourne – Football

Our specialist Australian football teams are invited to enjoy a trip to Melbourne each year which includes, as a highlight, a comprehensive tour of the hallowed MCG and attendance to the ANZAC Clash.


Cambodia – Leadership

A select group of senior students will embark on our bi-annual trip to Cambodia. The students will take on leadership roles, helping at an orphanage, acting as role models and mentoring the children. They will take with them practical gift packages, consisting of school supplies to help the Cambodian students with their schooling.


USA  – Performing Arts

Students from these course subjects are invited to join a tour of the east and west coast performance centres of the country. It includes visiting Universal and Warner Studios and seeing Broadway shows.


Canberra – Humanities And Social Science

The Humanities and Social Science department take interested students on a tour of our great nations governing capital. They will visit Parliament House in Canberra and other political destinations to learn about the daily undertakings of governing a nation.


Japan – Miki High School Student Exchange Program

The program commenced in 1994 with students from Miki senior high school visiting for the first time. Many students and families enjoy the cultural exchange and learn life lessons when hosting here in Perth or visiting the beautiful people of the Hyogo prefecture. The Miki students really enjoy practising their English, seeing the wildlife and going to the beach, which is a must as they come from an area in Japan that is inland by a couple of hours. Miki is in the Hyogo prefecture which is east of Kobe and Osaka.

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