Uniform Policy

Only items of clothing sold through the College’s Uniform Shop are school uniform. Denim clothing is not permitted, (this rule applies to all schools). Students may not wear:

  • Leggings
  • Hoodies
  • Skirts, shorts or tops that have been modified, i.e. shortened or tied into a crop top.

If a student is out of uniform parents will be contacted and:

  • If possible the student will be asked to remove the non uniform item or they will be loaned an appropriate item, (if available).
  • The parent will be asked to bring a replacement item to college.
  • If the situation cannot be resolved the student will be sent home to change or kept in isolation for the remainder of the day.

Only students in full uniform will be able to take part in excursions and extra-curricula activities.

DOE Guidelines

The Department of Education’s policy on school dress code allows schools and colleges to make the wearing of a school uniform a requirement. Wearing of the uniform brings with it many benefits such as: the promotion of the College’s public image, an enhanced college spirit, a reduction of rivalry between students, an increase in convenience, cost-saving for parents and preparation for work environments which have dress and safety codes. The Uniform is endorsed by the College Board, the P & C committee and the Student Council.

We would appreciate it if we could all work together to get our students into full uniform. Please note that for all Government Schools, denim items of clothing are not permitted as part of the College Uniform.

Only items sold at Tudor School Uniforms for Wanneroo Secondary College are school uniform. No other skirts or shorts are permitted.

The pants, shorts and skirts of the uniform are plain blue and in many styles. These can be viewed at Tudor School Uniforms at 20 Prindiville Drive, Wangara.

Shoes: Flat enclosed shoes are to be worn for safety reasons. Thongs, sandals, flip flops, ugg boots and similar are unacceptable and, if worn, students will be refused entry into science and all practical classes for health and safety reasons. The Uniform Policy will also be applied.

Jewellery: Conservative jewellery and watches are acceptable. However, school is not a place for expressing oneself via accessories. For this reason and for safety reasons, dog chains, collars and wrist bands with spikes and studs are unacceptable. For safety reasons, long and dangly ear-rings are not suitable for school wear. Earrings, such as hoops and studs, are acceptable provided that they fit onto a $2 coin. Any piercing which presents a danger to the wearer must be covered or removed at school.

Other Requirements

Physical Education

Sports shirts are compulsory for Years 7 to 10 and are optional for students studying Physical Education or Outdoor Education in Senior School.

Home Economics, Design & Technology and Science

For safety reasons, Department of Education policy requires that students in the Design & Technology Centre, Home Economics and Science:

  • Wear closed footwear
  • Ensure that long hair is restrained
  • Wear protective glasses in Design & Technology and for ScienceNB: Joondalup Campus students can order these shirts through Mr Leggett at the campus.

Out of Uniform Policy

A student is out of uniform if they wear any article of dress not sold in the uniform shop. Students “Out of Uniform” cannot attend excursions or out of school activities.


Students out of uniform:

  • Where practical they will be asked to remove the “Out of Uniform” item.
  • The Homeroom Tutors will note that they are out of uniform, give a warning (once only), for minor infringements and parents contacted.
  • The Student Services team will organise a change of clothing if possible.
  • A student out of uniform will be sent home to change or kept in isolation.
  • Repeated infringements mean that the student will not be eligible to attend “Reward Activities” in lower school, the River Cruise (Year 10) and the College Ball (Years 11 & 12).



Financial assistance is available to low income families to enable them to meet dress code expectations. Families holding a Health Care card can complete the Secondary Assistance forms available from the administration office and receive $115 per child each year, specifically to assist in the purchase of school uniforms. Applications for assistance close at the end of Term 1 each year.

Our uniforms are supplied by Tudor Uniforms in Wangara.


Uniforms can be ordered:

Online at:  www.tudorschooluniforms.com.au

Please view uniform catalogue here.


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