Student Life

Work Experience

Year 9 and 10 Students

Some students can apply to do work experience in years 9 and 10.  If they have a work contact through family or friends that is willing to give them some work experience, we can arrange for the appropriate paperwork to be generated so that the student is covered under the Department of Education insurance policy for students on a work placement.  The student should first approach their Head of Year who will discuss with them their reasons for wanting to try out in the work force and also their current grades.  If it is authorised by parents, an application for Work Experience is requested from Student Services which is filled out and signed and returned.  The students’ application will then be referred to Western Workplace Learning (part of the college) who will then send the appropriate paperwork to both the employer and parent, organise insurance as well as conduct the appropriate workplace visits.  Obviously we encourage work experience to be done during school holidays to avoid falling behind in class work; however, this can be negotiated with the Head of Year.

Please be aware that there is an upfront cost involved, you will be advised of the amount when the application is made.


Year 11 and 12 Students

During senior school, Wanneroo SC students can choose to do two, two week work place learning blocks as a timetabled course. This involves students going out to a WPL work placement once a week, usually on a Tuesday, with zones allocated through the week to stay up to date with the lessons missed while away on this day.  During Year 10, students are counselled on choosing courses for upper school.  Parents are welcomed at these interviews where they can discuss further details of the WPL course.  Also available to senior school students is the opportunity to complete secondary schooling at our Joondalup Campus where the focus is on a School-To-Work Program.  Again this is discussed at the Year 10 Course Selection interviews and further details are available then.

Please note that paid work is not work experience and cannot be covered by the Department of Education insurance.

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