“Star in Your Future”

Students have a diverse range of abilities, talents, ambitions and dreams. At Wanneroo Secondary College, in addition to our Specialist and Elite programs, we provide a wide range of challenging, enjoyable and rewarding opportunities in many fields, believing that these will attract the students’ attention, increase their interest and participation levels and give them the best possible chance to excel in the fields that suit them best while helping them reach their potential and “star in their future”.

Our football teams and invited students, tour Australia and other countries challenging themselves physically, intellectually and also emotionally: building character and expanding their horizons. We embrace our multi cultural country and celebrate the value added to our community by the families from around our world. Our Japanese exchange program is a valuable experience in which students can observe and participate. We encourage students interested in entering the workforce to speak to their Heads of Year and negotiate some work experience in years 9 and 10 or select Work Place Learning as a course in year 11 and 12.

As our college grows we look forward to expanding the opportunities available to students who practice and promote our values, extending the cultural learning to include more:

  • Performance opportunities
  • Performance exhibitions
  • Visual art exhibitions
  • Personal growth and development programs
  • Multicultural programs

Overseas & Interstate Tours

Japan – Miki High School Student Exchange Program
The program commenced in 1994 with students from Miki Senior High School visiting for the first time. Many students and families enjoy the cultural exchange and learn life lessons when hosting here in Perth or visiting the beautiful people of the Hyogo prefecture. The Miki students really enjoy practicing their English, seeing the wildlife and going to the beach, which is a must as they come from an area in Japan that is inland by a couple of hours. Miki is in the Hyogo prefecture which is east of Kobe and Osaka.

Melbourne – Senior Football
Our Specialist Australian Football teams, along with some selected students, are lucky enough to be invited to enjoy a trip to Melbourne each year which includes, as a highlight, a comprehensive tour of the hallowed MCG.

Cambodia – Football Leadership
A select group of senior students will embark on our first trip to Cambodia. The students will take on leadership roles, helping at an orphanage, acting as role models and mentoring the children. They will take with them practical gift packages, consisting of school supplies to help the Cambodian students with their schooling.

USA – Performing Arts
Students from these course subjects are invited to join a tour of the east and west coast performance centres of the country. It includes visiting Universal and Warner Studios and seeing broadway shows.

Canberra – Humanities and Social Sciences
The HaSS department take interested students on a tour of our great nations governing capital. They will visit Parliament House in Canberra and other political destinations to learn about the daily undertakings of governing a nation.

Sporting Teams

Students take part in various inter-school competitions throughout the year in:

  • Australian Football
  • Soccer
  • Rugby league
  • Basketball
  • Netball
  • Cheer Squad
  • Cricket
  • Athletics
  • Swimming

Lightning carnival teams also compete in year groups in the following sports:

  •  Australian Football
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Netball

When a student starts at the College they are allocated to one of six houses, namely:

WATKINS, ARITI, NOOGONGOO, ELLIOTT, ROGERS AND OKELY, named after Pioneers in the Wanneroo District and the founding Principal, Glynn Watkins.

House competitions take place during the year.

Work Experience, Opportunities & Extension Activities

As the College grows through “Our Way of Teaching and Learning”, programs are developed to suit the needs of the students in a way that complements and encourages our visions and values; here is snap shot of some of the extension activities available.

  • ABCN GOALS Program: A mentoring program to assist students to widen their ambitions and career options being mentored by staff from companies such as KPMG, Optus, iinet and others.
  • ABCN Focus Program: The Focus program seeks to provide young women with the essential leadership skills they need to engage in a successful, meaningful career.

In virtually all sectors of the paid workforce in Australia, women are underrepresented in senior roles and leadership positions and are often paid less than their male counterparts.  This gender disparity and inequality reinforces outdated stereotypes about the role of women in the workplace and wider society.  To overcome this, we actively encourage more young women to take up the challenges of leadership and ensure they have access to the resources, opportunities and support they need to realise their potential

  • United Nations Youth Forum: UN Youth Australia is one of Australia’s largest youth-led organisations, educating and empowering young Australians to build the peoples’ movement of the United Nations.
  • Cheer Team: Cheerleading is available to female & male students who learn will routines composed of stunting, pyramids, group tumbling, jumping and a dance break. These routines are performed and scored against other competitive teams at various local, regional & national competitions.
  • School Clubs: Young Engineers Club, Chess & Board Games Club, Minecraft Club, History Club, Young Writers Club, Submarine Club
  • AIME Mentoring: Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME) is a bridge between university and high school including various tutoring and mentoring workshops.
  • After School Tutoring: Learning Areas provide additional tutoring and Exam preparation for all students.
  • State and National Competitions: Students are encouraged to compete in State & National Competitions in all Learning Areas, particularly Mathematics, Geography, History, Science & Robotics.

Year 9 and 10 Students:
Some students can apply to do work experience in years 9 and 10. If they have a work contact through family or friends that is willing to give them some work experience, we can arrange for the appropriate paperwork to be generated so that the student is covered under the Department of Education insurance policy for students on a work placement. The student should first approach their Head of Year who will discuss with them their reasons for wanting to try out in the work force and also their current grades. If it is authorized by parents, an application for Work Experience is requested from Student Services which is filled out and signed and returned. The students’ application will then be referred to Western Workplace Learning (part of the college) who will then send the appropriate paperwork to both the employer and parent, organise insurance as well as conduct the appropriate workplace visits. Obviously we encourage work experience to be done during school holidays to avoid falling behind in class work; however, this can be negotiated with the Head of Year. Please be aware that there is an upfront cost involved, you will be advised of the amount when the application is made.

Year 11 and 12 Students:
During senior school, students can choose to do Work Place Learning as a timetabled course. This involves students going out to a WPL work placement once a week, usually on a Tuesday, with zones allocated through the week to stay up to date with the lessons missed while away on this day. During Year 10, students are counselled on choosing courses for upper school. Parents are welcomed at these interviews where they can discuss further details of the WPL course. Also available to senior school students is the opportunity to complete secondary schooling at our Joondalup Campus where the focus is on a School-To-Work Program. Again this is discussed at the Year 10 Course Selection interviews and further details are available then.

NB: Please note that paid work is not work experience and cannot be covered by the Department of Education insurance.

While all learning areas take advantage of the college resources and opportunities to extend students’ education and encourage them to “Dream, Believe, Learn and Succeed”, the college also has a range of programs specifically designed to challenge and extend a student’s emotional and intellectual intelligence.

Wanneroo Secondary College have great relationships with external agencies, such as the City of Wanneroo, that visit the college to run programs throughout the year, inviting and helping students who may struggle with a variety of life’s obstacles.

Some of the programs currently running throughout the year include:

  • ABCN GOALS Program
  • ABCN Focus Program
  • United Nations Youth Forum
  • Cheer Leading
  • School Clubs: Young Engineers Club, Chess & Board Games Club, Minecraft Club, History Club, Young Writers Club, Submarine Club
  • AIME Mentoring
  • After School Tutoring
  • State and National Competitions

Give Your Child The Opportunity To Suceed